Group Exhibtion

Platform 19
Center D'art Contemporain Yverdon-les-Bains (CACY)
2.3.2019 – 31.2.2019

Without moving, we go on a trip. First, the body abandons itself, slowly, it stops responding to the demands. Soon we no longer feel it at all and it is the consciousness that gradually disintegrates. Thoughts become numb, they mix with the dream and already the distinction between the two disappears.

To fall asleep is to let go, to abandon oneself to the unconscious, to leave in this known world our reference points and our control to join another universe of which every evening we know nothing. Have you ever tried to consciously observe yourself as you slid into sleep? It is an experience as rich as it is senseless, as fertile as it is doomed to failure. Here we are at the heart of the matter. For Kaspar Ludwig, art is a story of adventure, of journeys into the unknown, of worlds to explore and of unattainable destinations.

More than objects, the artist creates projection spaces in which the spectator’s imagination is invited to free itself, to renew itself, to activate itself. It operates by shifting, humor and storytelling, objects are vessels for immaterial journeys and sound becomes a physical experience rather than an acoustic one. The CACY cushions are not beautiful, they are ready made. Technical and technological tools, they are used in marble quarries and eac is able to move more than 60 tons of stone. Under an apparent simplicity, Kaspar Kaspar Ludwig’s objects are always charged with an immense power that only imagination can activate. Art becomes this singular space in which it is possible to interpret sensations that only exist in extreme situations.

text by Roxane Bovet